Writing for children allows me to follow my curiosity and love of learning and to share my thoughts about what is important in the world.


My three-year-old cocker spaniel, Captain Jack.

The Righteous Mothers at the Fremont Abbey, March 2017.

Clare’s books and magazine stories explore the lives of endangered animals, including elephants (HANSA), sea otters (LOOTAS), Siberian tigers, African rhinos, and Hawaiian monk seals (RHINO RESCUE!) and the amazing animal care specialists who’ve helped these animals survive. She has chronicled the lives of women who have helped change the world including First Lady and early suffragette Abigail Adams (PARTNER IN REVOLUTION) and pioneering environmentalist Rachel Carson (I COULD NOT KEEP SILENT).

Clare is a member of the Society of Children Book Writers and Illustrators and a founding member of the indie folk band The Righteous Mothers. She lives in Friday Harbor, Washington with her husband, Dan, and their cocker spaniel, Captain Jack.