Growing up Gorilla


A mother gorilla gives birth for the first time at Seattle’s Woodland Park Zoo. But instead of picking up her baby, she walks away to the other side of the den. From a challenging beginning to a happy ending, this chapter book for children 8-12 years old follows the first seven months of a baby gorilla’s life and the steps the zoo staff take to help her bond with her mother and the rest of her gorilla family. Filled with engaging photos and sidebars about gorilla behavior in zoos and in the wild, and the efforts around the world to help gorillas and their habitat survive.


Rhino Rescue!


What happens when conservationists meet rhinos in trouble? They arrange to airlift them to safety! In Rhino Airlift, follow National Geographic Explorers-in-Residence Dereck and Beverly Joubert as they move rhinos out of harm's way, meet a courageous little Hawaiian monk seal, and find a pair of Siberian tiger cubs fighting for survival. Readers will cheer as they read these completely true stories of animal rescues. Filled with engaging photos, fast facts, and fascinating sidebars, readers won't want to put this book down.

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Lootas Little Wave Eater

This Smithsonian award-winning book tells the story of Lootas, a sea otter pup who was born in the wild and orphaned in her first month of life when her mother was killed by a fishing boat in Alaska. She was rescued and hand-raised at The Seattle Aquarium. For six months, the author closely followed marine biologist C.J. Casson and his staff as they cared for Lootas and helped her adapt to her new home and new otter family. Color photos by C.J. Casson and pen and ink drawings by Deborah Cooper illustrate this dramatic story. Lootas is a grandmother now and still lives at the Seattle Aquarium, the number 1 breeding facility for sea otters in the world.

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The first year of life of a baby elephant who was born at Seattle’s Woodland Park Zoo, from birth to learning how to get along with the rest of the female herd of Asian and African elephants.

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Soccer Dreams


A free verse illustrated chapter book about a young boy from Kenya who moves to Seattle and helps his coach build a winning soccer team, with inspiring strategy tips and profiles of the MLS Seattle Sounders team. This licensed product of the MLS includes full-color photos of Sounders FC players along with black and white illustrations of the story.

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Charge Ahead


A rhyming picture book about a young boy who is inspired to play football after a visit to his school by the San Diego Chargers football team. Full-color photos of San Diego Chargers football players combine with brightly colored illustrations of the story by Sunset Elementary School children.

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I Could Not Keep Silent: The Life of Rachel  Carson


A photo-illustrated biography of Rachel Carson, a scientist and popular writer in the mid-20th century whose pioneering environmental book, Silent Spring, led to a ban on the use of the chemical DDT as a crop spray and helped bring the bald eagle back from extinction.

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Arctic Journey


 A beginning reader story based on an Inupiat song about traveling by dogsled to the winter hunting grounds when the Arctic Ocean turns to ice.

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Manorah: The Bird Princess


A magical folktale from Thailand about a shapeshifting bird princess whose dream of living in the human world brings her true love and almost costs her her life. Her epic journey is followed by that of her husband, Prince Suthon, who must find his way to the bird kingdom to win her back. Full-color illustrations by Thai illustrator Busara Busard.

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A Tale of Two Rice Birds



A classic Buddhist folktale from Thailand adapted for a Western audience, two rice bird mates are separated by death and find each other again when they are reborn as a princess and a farmer’s son. 

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Partner in Revolution: Abigail Adams


A photo-illustrated biography of former First Lady Abigail Adams, the wife of our second president, John Adams, who lived and raised a family in Massachusetts during the Revolutionary War while her husband was helping to form a new congress in Philadelphia. Her letters to John describing the war helped convince the congress to raise an army to fight the British.

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Who Wakes Rooster?


What happens to the other animals and people on a farm one morning when the rooster doesn’t crow?

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Olive and Max


Clare's 24-story magazine series for National Wildlife Federation's “Your Big Backyard” has been republished in ebook form and available exclusively through SchoolWide

Series Summary:  Each book presents a seasonal story in which Olive Opossum and Max Mole encounter a different animal in their backyard and help it solve a problem of finding food, shelter or fool a predator. Fun facts combined with a humorous narrative bring these animals and their real-life struggles to life. Check out more about Clare's ebook series here!