In-School Field Trip on Teamwork is a Winner

Clare Meeker in School field tripsA few months ago, I was contacted through my website by a PTA mom inviting me to do an In-school field trip on teamwork  for third graders at her daughter’s elementary school.
I was delighted to learn that Team Building was part of the third grade curriculum and that when she googled "Team building." my website came up.  

Together, we organized 3 teamwork-related activities for 110 third graders starting with a photo-illustrated slide show presenting 10 Tips on Teamwork based on my interviews with the Seattle Sounders FC coach and team for my children’s book, Soccer Dreams: Playing the Seattle Sounders FC Way. This included several volunteers from the audience who donned professional goalie gloves and dribbled a Fredy Montero-signed soccer ball to help demonstrate a basic teamwork strategy that the Sounders FC use, The Triangle Formation. 

For our next activity, we made soccer balls out of plastic bags and newspaper tied with nylon string. This, I explained, is the kind of ball that is used by kids all over the world to play soccer. No fancy shinguards. Even shoes are optional. All you need is a ball. 

Clare Meeker class in school field tripsOur third teamwork activity which took place in the classroom was a one hour writing and performance piece. Each student worked with a partner to create a Buddy Poem. First they interviewed each other to find out something they had in common - for example, they both like sports, or music. or video games. Then they created three stanzas, each coming up with every other line. I am always amazed how quickly they get engaged in the project and how excited they are to perform their poem in front of their classmates. Here is an example of a 3-some buddy poem from Ms. Shannon’s third grade class:   

We Are All A Little Crazy

I like to smack the ball in tennis. 
My imagination runs like paint over an open canvas. 
I like riding my horse through the meadows. 

We are all a little crazy.

I like to jump on my trampoline
My mind is like a gizmo where the wheels, gears and trinkets of my ideas are still turning.
I like to wash my horses in the rain in the barn. 

We are all a little crazy.

I love to play everything outside. 
My pencil flies across the paper as words are sewn together to create a beautiful story.
I love to ride across the jump cones in the rain int he wind. 

We are all a little crazy. 


Clare Meeker in school field trips are awesome fun.

Fun times with Clare Meeker, Children's Author and her in-school field trips

Here was a great note from Christine Strandell, Clyde Hill PTA: "Thank YOU for taking the time to come to our school two days in a row! You did a phenomenal job keeping the kids interested during the assembly yesterday. They truly had fun during the soccer ball activity too. I personally enjoyed your writing segment. I think the kids liked having the close contact with you; you made them feel special and their writing was also made special by you, which was evident by some of the writing I saw take shape and was shared. "