Olive and Max

"The Backyard Adventures of Olive and Max"

Clare's 24-story magazine series for National Wildlife Federation's “Your Big Backyard” has been republished in ebook form and available exclusivly through schoolwide.com 

Series Summary:  Each book presents a seasonal story in which Olive Oppossum and Max Mole encounter a different animal in their backyard and help it solve a problem of finding food, shelter or fool a predator. Fun facts combined with a humorous narrative bring these animals and their real-life struggles to life. Check out more about Clare's ebook series here!

Olive and Max Berries Beavers and Bears Oh My by Clare Meeker

Friends Olive Opossum and Max Mole are out on a September afternoon looking for berries when they notice something eating trees. Who could be so hungry? They find Mother Beaver and her five little ones preparing for winter. But now who is shaking the ground and keeping them from the berry patch? The fictional Olive and Max stories do double duty in providing fun stories while also revealing true animal behaviors.








Olive and Max Up Up and Away by Clare Meeker

Under a quince bush on a spring afternoon, Olive Opossum curiously looks at a tiny sac. Out march hundreds of baby spiders! Along with Olive, discover how spiderlings make their way in a new world. Imagine how the spiderlings fly on long, silky threads and drift off like balloons to new homes. This story in the Olive and Max series combines facts about real creatures with adventure and fun. 









Olive and Max Silver Streak by Clare MeekerOlive Opossum sees a set of tracks in the snow that she doesn't recognize and a second set she knows will lead her to Rabbit. Move, Rabbit! She's just had quite a fright from a silver streak that came out of nowhere. Olive bravely decides to find out just what that streak was (and find a berry or two along the way). She asks Owl to help her solve the mystery, but Owl didn't see anything: The silver animal was too clever and fast to be seen. It was as clever as a . . . Can you guess the animal at the center of this Olive and Max story?