“When children become writers themselves, they learn the power of their own words to move people. They feel the excitement of searching for answers to their own questions. And they give voice to their own rich imaginations.” -Clare

School Presenter and Writing Teacher

One - Two Hour Writing Workshops for Elementary Schools and Home Schoolers:

Grades K-2: Make-a-book, write a story (download instructions to Make-a-Book
Grades 3-5: Buddy Poems (download a syllabus)


Assemblies & classroom author talks around Clare’s books:

Clare Meeker Teaching
Grades K-1: Where do writing ideas come from? (Who Wakes Rooster)
              Create your own story based on who is the first to wake up in your family.
Grades 2-3: Fun Facts lead to good stories (Olive and Max Backyard Adventures)
               Learn how to use scientific facts about animals to create a simple story plot.
Grades 3-5: Helping Endangered Animals and Why It Matters
               Learn why helping the world's endangered animals matters.
Grades 3-5: Writing for Change: The Return of the Bald Eagle (Rachel Carson)
               Powerpoint presentation about Carson’s successful efforts to ban DDT 
Grades 3-5: Marine Mammal Science: a sea otter’s story (Lootas) 
               Powerpoint presentation about rescue and handraising an orphaned sea otter.
Grades 3-5: Think Like an Elephant (Hansa)
               Powerpoint and video presentation of the first year of a baby elephant’s life
Grades 3-8: Folktales and Cultural Diversity (Rice Birds and Manorah)
               Powerpoint presentation about Thai folktales transmitting cultural beliefs.
Grades 3-8: Reading History as Story (Abigail Adams) 
               Powerpoint presentation about research, creating narrative, and bringing a character from
              history alive. 


Multi-Day Writing workshops for Elementary, Middle Schools and Home Schoolers (Grades 3-8):

Clare Meeker TeachingFamily Journey Stories
Nature Narratives
Creating Myths of Heroes and Sheroes
Picture Book Biographies







Conference Speaker

Experienced Conference Speaker

Clare speaks at writing conferences.Clare speaks at writing conferences throughout the Northwest:

Pacific Northwest Writers Association (PNWA) 2014 Conference

Washington Library and Media Conference in Spokane in 2011

Washington Organization for Reading Development Conference in Spokane in 2011.

Write on The River in 2008

Whidbey Island Writers Conference in 2006

Writing panel moderator:

“School Work: Building Relationships Between Authors, Schools and Bookstores” at the Pacific Northwest Booksellers Association in Portland, Oregon,

“Why Do young Readers Pick Nonfiction?”  at the Northwest Bookfest in Seattle, Washington.



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